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The NDIS is a national program that is changing the way people with disabilities live their lives. If you’re in the Campbelltown area and live with a disability, there are many services and supports available to you. To be eligible for the NDIS, you must be under 65 years old and have a lifelong and permanent medical condition or disability. Read on to learn 4 reasons why NDIS disability supports in Campbelltown may be helpful for you.

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1. You can access quality services

The NDIS can help you access the best service in Campbelltown, so people and their families living with disability can live their lives to the fullest. One of the core tenets of the NDIS is increasing the choice and control of Australians with disabilities. An NDIS plan will provide comfort by enabling access to services and products, whilst also providing support through case managers who understand the needs of thoseliving with a disability.

One thing that sets the NDIS apart from previous government schemes is its focus on individual development goals, focusing on strengths and building personal independence. The NDIS offers various areas of supports such as:
– help with daily personal tasks e.g. basic self care and household chores
– transport and accommodation
– assistance with employment opportunities
– allied health therapies such as occupational therapy, speech pathology (or therapy) and psychology
– prescription of equipment, assistive technology, home modifications or vehicle modifications

All of these supports and services are offered by quality and trusted organisations in Campbelltown. Local services are made up of experienced and qualified health professionals and disability workers dedicated to improving the lives of their clients.

2. Get help with navigating the NDIS with support coordination

The NDIS is a single point of contact for people with disabilities looking for support. This means that if you have a disability, the NDIS can help you to choose your support and providers. You can choose from options like:

  • Supported accommodation
  • Community-based services
  • Family support
  • Support coordination

Support coordination is a unique way that NDIS participants can receive assistance with understanding and utilsing their NDIS budget. The role of support coordinators, as implied by the term, is to plan NDIS funding in a way that relates to the person’s aims and objectives. Like any budget, an NDIS plan is broken down into smaller funding categories and must be prioritised in agreement with the participant. For example, funding for therapeutic supports may be used for exercise physiology, OT, psychology, physiotherapy or speech therapy. The participant will then need to arrange and prioritise funding in keeping with their needs and goals. For instance, the participant may have greater needs in OT and psychology and may not employ other allied health supports.

As the NDIS and participant plans can be difficult to comprehend and navigate, many people engage the services of support coordinators to help them. Support coordinators can not only help organise how funding may be best utilised, but can search for appropriate services. Campbelltown and other suburbs in South West Sydney is home to a myriad of support coordination services.

3. Campbelltown is a great pleace to live with a disability

Campbelltown has many services and organisations that help Australians with a disability to live their best lives. It is a vibrant, expanding place that is home to just under 200,000 people. The variety of services include:
– committees promoting disabiility access and community inclusion
– several autism and intellectual disability services
– various community service groups and clubs focused on people with disabilities
– disability outreach services and resources
– information services
– local businesses sponsoring and supporting people with disabilities and disability services
– mental health services
– physical disability services
– a plethora of local NDIS registered providers

4. A variety of services for children and adults

The NDIS supports disabled people from birth up to 65 years old. Thus, it covers a wide portion of the lifespan. Therefore, NDIS services need to offer a variety of supports for people. Campbelltown is the best area for disability support by not only offering highly specialised services, but also services that envelopes an assortment of duties. Services in Campbelltown endeavour to provide supports for young children, adolescents, young adults and adults. Additionally, NDIS participants can also look forward to diversity in service delivery – Campbelltown disability services offer face-to-face, online (telehealth), mobile (services come to you) or in-clinic supports. This strong mixture of options ensures that people with disabilities and their families or carers have great choice when making important decisions.


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