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The NDIS has been available for Campbelltown residents for the past few years, and the number of services becoming involved in the scheme continues to increase. The primary purpose of the NDIS is to offer supports and services for Australians with lifelong medical conditions and disabilities. This article will discuss what NDIS participants and their families should regard when searching for NDIS service providers in the Campbelltown area.

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Try to have clear goals about the types of supports and services you’re looking for

The NDIS covers a wide variety of disabilities and health conditions, from cognitive to physical conditions, or a combination of both. When searching for suitable NDIS services, it is crucial to consider the specific health goals the client is trying to achieve. The NDIS has categorized funding into three main groups: core supports, capacity building supports and capital supports. It is useful to learn about what types of supports and services are included in each category, then confirm the approved NDIS budget in the applicable type. Specifically, it is often best to prioritize the support or service needed based on the client’s gravest difficulties or challenges. For example, if the client’s primary needs and goals are to improve their communication and literacy skills, you may prioritize speech therapy before other types of intervention (such as occupational therapy or psychology). The greater understanding you have about the client’s needs, goals and their allocated NDIS budget, the smoother your journey searching for an appropriate provider will be.

What to remember when searching for NDIS specialists in Campbelltown

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  • Once you have some clarity and direction about the specific supports you’re looking for, you need to ensure that a service is located in Campbelltown, or services the area. If the service provider is required to travel to Campbelltown, make sure to enquire about travel costs.
  • Ensure that the service provider offers the supports and services you require
  • Consider how the provider ensures clients’ rights are respected, and how they advocate for clients to exercise choice and control when engaged with them.
  • Look at the provider’s flexibility and willingness to negotiate with clients.
  • Enquire about the qualifications, skills and experience of the staff. You want to ensure that you are engaged with staff who are suitably skilled to help clients, who often have complex needs. You should also ask about specific interventions or therapies that you may be looking for, for assurance that a provider practices within current clinical guidelines supported by research and evidence.
  • Examine the price structure that the provider charges – certify that their costs (usually in an hourly rate) are in accordance with the current NDIS price guide. If the person’s NDIS budget is limited, you may also ask about any flexibility in their prices.
  • Read any reviews from other clients to gauge the quality and reliability of the service. You may get this information from the provider’s website, social media pages, or Google reviews.
  • Ask about what processes or systems the provider has in place to manage any complaints or grievances. This is important to find out how transparent, open and flexible a service may be.

Not all service providers are NDIS registered

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One of the biggest strengths of the NDIS is that it has widened the market for disability service providers, so clients now have more options when choosing services. This means that even if a service provider has not been registered with the NDIS (i.e. has not undergone specific certification and auditing from the NDIS), clients can still choose to engage with the service. It is crucial to still regard the factors outlined in this article when choosing any provider (regardless of NDIS registration), to ensure that you are working with people who are appropriately qualified in their fields. If the client’s NDIS plan is agency managed (i.e. managed by the NDIS/NDIA), then you are limited to choosing only service providers with NDIS registration. For NDIS funding that is self-managed or plan managed (plan managers also have to be NDIS registered), you may enlist any service you choose, even if they are not registered under the NDIS.



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