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Does your child need support with everyday tasks due to a disability? Does navigating the NDIS system for occupational therapy (OT) assessments feel overwhelming and too complicated? Here at Youth Living Skills, we specialize in removing hurdles and providing OT assessments for young people in Penrith and Mount Druitt areas.

About 5-6% of the residents of Mount Druitt and Penrith have disabilities. Bypass long waitlists and unfamiliar, clinical settings. Our OT’s can come to your child at home or school. Our dedicated team conduct NDIS-funded functional assessments in the comfort of your own home, for the convenience of you and your child. This not only minimizes stress but also gives the OT unique insights about your child’s behaviour in their own environment. Often, this leads to more accurate, thorough and personalized assessments.

Our expertise also goes beyond location. We are passionate about championing young people to fulfil their full potential. From the early developmental stages of infancy and toddlerhood to teenagers preparing for adulthood, we understand the unique challenges each age group presents. With several years’ experience dedicated to NDIS OT assessments for children and teenagers, we have honed our skills to address their particular needs and aspirations.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Low Waiting Times: Struggling to access timely support shouldn’t be your burden. We prioritize your child’s needs, scheduling assessments quickly and efficiently.
  • Home-Based Assessments: Familiar settings allow your child to relax and perform at their best, providing us with a truer picture of their current functioning.
  • Child and Teen Specialists: Our therapists possess the specialized knowledge to understand the different development and emotional needs of young people.
  • Functional Approach: A focus on how your child performs real-life tasks, from self-care and mobility to learning and social interaction. This allows us to develop recommendations that are directly applicable to their lives.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We work closely with you, the family, school and other support services to develop a plan that promotes your child’s growth, goals and independence.

child disability OT assessment

Our friendly OTs assess a wide range of medical issues to help people enhance their strengths, explore interests and goals, and develop useful support networks and resources. There is a plethora of assessments OTs can use to better understand the person’s functioning and needs, leading to making feasible and realistic recommendations to incorporate into their daily lives. Examples for children and young people can include:

  • Prescription of assistive technology equipment and modifications e.g., home modifications, vehicle modifications, equipment prescription, technology devices.
  • Assessment of daily tasks looking at how the person manages everyday activities such as personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, toileting, sleep, feeding.
  • Motor skills assessment
  • Home management skills and accommodation exploring capacity to prepare food/meals, shop, undertake household chores (e.g. cleaning, laundry), manage bills and budget.
  • Ability to supervise community such as accessing shops, attending health/medical appointments, banks, using public transport or driving.
  • Analysing social, recreational and engagement skills to promote ways to enhance the person’s ability participate in activities and interests valuable to them.
  • Sensory assessments for young people with sensory processing difficulties to cultivate methods adapting the environment to better suit the person’s sensory needs.

We don’t just assess; we empower. At Youth Living Skills, our reports suggest practical strategies and interventions tailored to your child’s individual requirements. We connect you with the right resources, including other therapy providers and support services, to ensure that your child receives the ongoing assistance they deserve. Moreover, we help foster a supportive network for families navigating the NDIS and disability services.

Don’t let challenges dim your child’s potential. Contact us today and unlock a brighter future. We’ll navigate the NDIS system with you, providing a seamless and supportive experience from assessment to empowerment.


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