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Youth Living Skills is a mobile service provider based in Campbelltown

that helps young people (ages 7-18 years) with communication difficulties and disorders. We help children and young people achieve their personal and health goals, become more independent and confident in their lives, and improve their general wellbeing.

Speech Therapy Campbelltown can help with:

  • Difficulties in language comprehension
  • Difficulties with expressing language
  • Problems with using language in ways that are socially appropriate
  • Improving articulation and fluency
  • Improving voice and resonance
  • Problems with swallowing, eating or drooling
Speech Therapy Campbelltown

What can speech therapy look like?

Speech therapists employ a variety of methods and techniques to help develop a child’s communication skills. The speech therapist will usually conduct an initial assessment to gain a better understanding of the child’s specific deficits.

Therapy with children often involves using play-like approaches to maintain attention and motivation, and ongoing practice of techniques is usually essential. The therapy style used depends on the nature of the child’s condition. Some examples include:


  • Developing mouth, throat and tongue muscles by using objects (e.g. paddle pop sticks, straws) or facial massage
  • Repeatedly making particular sounds for dyspraxia issues
  • Using foods and objects of different textures to improve awareness and coordination
  • Exercises to enhance muscle movement in swallowing problems
  • Developing phonological awareness skills by doing rhyming or syllable exercises

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Why Youth Living Skills for speech therapy Campbelltown?

We believe we can help your child because:


Our speech therapists are experienced in working with young people with various issues with communication


Every client’s therapy plan is developed according to their individual needs and goals


Parents and family members are usually involved in therapy to help consolidate techniques and skills. Family members are often best equipped to engage therapy in the child’s daily routine


We can communicate with your child’s teachers and doctors (or other therapists) to ensure a more holistic experience


We provide therapy in the home, school or community


We are available after business hours and weekends


We do not charge travel fees


We offer a free of charge, no obligation first consultation


We work around you and your schedule, and will try to accommodate any requests you may have

What Some of Our Clients’ Parents Have Said About Youth Living Skills

“My son’s speech therapist is helping him with his reading and pronunciation.”

– Tamara

“It’s been so handy that the therapist comes to my son’s school, and it’s been helpful for his teachers too.”

– Claire

NDIS Occupational Therapy Campbelltown is also offered by Youth Living Skills as well as NDIS Occupational Therapy Liverpool for other areas. For more information about this program, visit NDIS Occupational Therapy or check this link to find one from your area: NDIS therapist near me.

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