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Online NDIS Psychology Service

As well as providing regular and more traditional face-to-face psychology services, Youth Living Skills is now also offering NDIS clients the opportunity to work with their psychologist remotely. This means that you can get the psychology support you need from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

How online NDIS psychology service can help

Online psychology can help with the same difficulties and issues as having face-to-face sessions, the only difference is the mode of delivery. Psychology intends to help people improve their coping mechanisms so they can better work through life’s hardships and challenges. In general, this involves building an individual’s skills to better manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be challenging or unhealthy.

NDIS online psychology

Online psychology can help with the following conditions or personal problems:

  • Mental health conditions including mood and psychotic disorders
  • Behavioural difficulties (often children)
  • Situations of grief, loss, crisis or trauma
  • Compulsions, phobias (fears) or addiction issues
  • Relationship issues with partners, friends or family members, including family therapy and relationship counselling
  • People with ASD (autism spectrum disorder)
  • People with ADD/ADHD
  • People with brain injuries
  • Children with developmental delays
  • People with intellectual disabilities
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down syndrome
NDIS psychologist online

Benefits of online NDIS psychology service

  • Makes psychological therapy more accessible to more people
  • Increased convenience for client and psychologist
  • Flexibility for individual or group sessions
  • Often more affordable than psychology service in person – no travel costs!
  • Options to engage in a variety of forms – written format, audio (e.g. telephone) or videoconference calls
  • Some people prefer a more anonymous therapy setting
child NDIS psychology services online

How to get started with
Online Psychology Service

step 1

Contact us to discuss if online psychology is right for you or your child

step 2

Confirm service agreement

step 3

We will match you with a suitable psychologist for your goals

step 4

The psychologist will contact you to organise an initial session

NDIS and non-NDIS clients alike can utilise our online psychology service.

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