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What is NDIS occupational therapy Liverpool?
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Youth Living Skills is a local NDIS service provider in Liverpool

that works with children (ages 7-18 years) and their families living with a diverse range of disabilities and medical conditions.

How can occupational therapy help you?

Occupational therapy (OT) can help people of all ages to better engage in their daily occupations or tasks, such as completing daily living and self-care activities, attending employment or school, engaging in recreational activities, modifying the home environment to suit an individual’s needs, and helping them increase participation and access to their local community.

For children and young adults, OT can help in areas of:

  • Achieving developmental milestones (e.g. improving coordination and motor skills)
  • Developing personal and meaningful goals
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental delay or intellectual disability
  • Brain injuries
  • Learning difficulties
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Communication difficulties or conditions
  • Mental health issues
  • Hearing impairments
NDIS Occupational Therapy Liverpool

What does the NDIS occupational therapy in Liverpool with Youth Living Skills involve?

  • A no-obligation initial consultation to identify the specific needs of the child.
  • If you choose us as your provider, we may then need to complete specific standardised assessments or interventions to better understand the baseline functioning of your child. Specific therapy goals may also be created.
  • Your therapist will organise scheduling for sessions according to your schedule.
  • We work within the home, school and community environment, so that therapy may be practiced in the child’s lifestyle.
  • Parents and other family members are also often involved in therapy sessions and are provided education to consolidate skills learnt in therapy and better understand and manage the child’s needs and conditions.
  • We also liaise with other relevant health or education professionals, such as doctors, other therapists and school teachers (as needed).

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What makes Youth Living Skills the right NDIS occupational therapy Liverpool provider for your child?


We are a local provider so know the services and available in the Liverpool area well

Our initial consultation is free of charge
We do not charge for travel
We are available after business hours and on weekends, and work around your schedule
We come to your home
Our staff specialise in working with this young age group, and have extensive working experience in paediatric and mental health settings, in the public and private health systems
We provide a quality service and aim to always be flexible and transparent. We believe that children should be given the chance to be more independent and engage with their community and peers.

What Our Clients Say

“Youth Living Skills was able to complete assessments and help us with home modifications for my child.”

– Katherine

“We preferred the therapist to come to our home as it’s easier for us.”

– Todd

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