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NDIS Penrith

The NDIS is how people with a disability, their carers and families can get formal services to aid them to complete a diverse number of activities in their everyday lives. A disability or substantial medical condition suitable for NDIS funding is one that considerably impedes on an individual’s level of functioning and affects their capacity to perform their daily duties. Examples of such conditions are intellectual disability, developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental illnesses, cerebral palsy, brain injury, physical disabilities, vision or hearing impairments. Australians up to 65 years old can apply for the scheme, and once approved they will receive supports for the remainder of their lives. In the Penrith (Nepean/Blue Mountains) area, the NDIS began rolling out in mid-2016.

Almost two years on, the NDIS in Penrith has developed into an immense of collection of service providers that tend to the vast array but specific needs of NDIS participants. NDIS Penrith services cater to people of all ages and medical backgrounds.

NDIS Penrith

How do I qualify for NDIS Penrith?

To secure NDIS funding, a person must fulfil the Australian residency, age, disability/medical condition or early intervention conditions stipulated in the scheme. For individuals who were already receiving disability supports, they would have been contacted about transitioning to the new scheme first. The state or territory that a person lives in must also have the NDIS executed to avail of the system.

If you satisfy the application requirements, you must then show information that validates your disability. This generally involves supplying NDIS assessors with information about your personal and medical history, how your condition affects your everyday functioning, and the personal and health goals that the scheme may be able to help you achieve.

I am now an NDIS participant, what services can I get?

NDIS PenrithWhen the NDIS assessed your application, it will have discussed with you how you would like to use the funding to meet your goals. Customarily, participants are asked to describe the primary areas in their lives where their disability impedes their functioning, and the amount and type of funding (support category) acquired is based on this.

Since the NDIS rollout in the Penrith area in 2016, there have been copious amounts of new service providers entering the market. Supports can include assistance with daily living tasks (e.g. support workers/carers helping participants with feeding, bathing or dressing), helping with household tasks including yard work, transport to attend specific appointments or programs, or having support workers take clients out on outings to promote socialisation and engagement with their community. Additionally, participants can use their NDIS resources to purchase necessary equipment or items, such as incontinence pads, walking aids or wheelchairs. Home (e.g. ramps or rails) or vehicle modifications may also be funded by the NDIS as required by the participant.

For people who have identified therapeutic supports as an important part of their plan, psychology, speech therapy and occupational therapy (OT) can also be consumed to build the individual’s skills to increase their functioning and independence.

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