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Mobile NDIS therapist near you!

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Is there any NDIS therapist near me?

Youth Living Skills is a registered NDIS provider in South West Sydney.

We have an experienced NDIS therapist ready to work with your child!

At Youth Living Skills, we believe..

that our clients and their families should decide how they want to receive NDIS occupational therapy services and supports, and choose how they engage with their community.

We aim to increase people’s independence so that they can make informed choices about not just their health, but their lives.

We cater primarily to children and young people between the ages of 7 and 18 with different medical diagnoses and disabilities.

NDIS therapist near me

Our Staff

Our staff include Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists and NDIS Disability Support Worker who have extensive experience in working with people with various issues and disorders, such as mental illness, speech and learning difficulties, communication disorders, autism and developmental disorders, physical disabilities, and social skill deficits.

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Youth Living Skills NDIS Therapists

can provide a high-quality service because:


We service our local area and can refer your child to other appropriate services, and connect your child with local community groups and clubs of interest to him/her


Our specialty is working with children and young people


Your child’s unique needs and goals will shape his/her individualised therapy plan, which will aim at increasing their general health and independence


Our staff are understanding, considerate and flexible


We do not charge an initial consultation fee


We are available outside of 9-5 business hours, and on weekends


We do not charge a travel fee


We provide therapy in the home with the family heavily involved, making it more practical to apply what is learnt in therapy to your child’s everyday life and environment


Where needed, we also liaise and work with other professionals involved in your child’s lives, such as other therapists, medical practitioners and teachers


We respect people’s cultural differences and promote a provider-client relationship that is inclusive, culturally sensitive, and transparent

What Some of Our Clients’ Parents Have Said About Youth Living Skills

"They were very obliging and considerate about the specific cultural requests we made regarding the NDIS therapist we wanted."

– Shereen

“Youth Living Skills therapists are professional, but more importantly are flexible and patient with my son’s difficult behaviours.”

– Faye

“The therapist travelling to us has cut out almost two hours per week of being stuck in traffic!”

– Tony

Contact Information

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PO Box 121, Glenfield NSW 2167

Phone Number:

We will strive to respond to your enquiry within one business day.


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